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Nonsurgical treatment for neck pain, back pain, headache, whiplash, herniated disc, and joint pain, Spine and Wellness Cincinnati offers a wide variety of modern health solutions based on ancient healing principles. Together, we create healthy families.


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Chiropractic Care

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Functional Medicine

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Holistic Care for the Family

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Non-Invasive Technique

Non-Invasive Technique

Spine surgery results in downtime from work, long periods of recuperation,  and unsightly scaring. Spine and Wellness Cincinnati provides the most advanced, non-invasive techniques which effectively treat your pain and require no downtime.

We Have The Best Team

We Have the Best Team

Our team specializes in non surgical procedures for pain management, offering comprehensive treatment using the latest in research and technology. Our health solutions are gentle, individualized, and delivered by caring professionals.

Free MRI Review

Free MRI


If you’ve had any recent diagnostic tests, why not put them to good use? Our doctors will review your MRI free of charge. If you need a diagnosis, a second opinion, or a treatment recommendation, let’s discuss your next step.

Receive a Free MRI Review

Have you had any recent diagnostic tests? Let our doctors explain the diagnosis in simple terms and discuss your treatment options with a Free MRI Review.

Free MRI Review

Car Crash – Work Injury – Slip and Fall?



60% of people with chronic neck pain attribute it to a car crash at some point in their life.

Car Crash Doctor CincinnatiA car crash or work injury can ruin your day and cause injuries that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, symptoms may take weeks or months to develop and are often overlooked by the emergency room and your family doctor. At Spine and Wellness Cincinnati, our physicians provide the most advanced treatment for pain, whiplash, disc herniation, ligament damage and brain injury resulting from a car accident, work injury, or slip and fall. Research shows your best chance of making a full recovery is to be evaluated by a doctor within 72 hours of injury. Don’t risk chronic pain and suffering. Call today!

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