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One of the most common complaints people have when they see their doctor this time of year is low energy levels.

Unfortunately, our low energy drives us to succumb to our sugar cravings for immediate energy, but this often leaves us with long term fatigue. More sugar. More fatigue. More sugar. More fatigue. And the cycle continues.

The high sugar intake also leaves us with irritability, mood disorders and chronic pain. If I was to guess, your mood is not as good as it was ten years ago, you are also in more pain and you are more fatigued. On top of that, you have probably gained considerable weight over the decade.

>> Did I call it? <<

It is usually at least two out of the three. Most Americans are dealing with what I call the D.O.T. Syndrome → Depressed, Overweight and Tired.

The first step in reducing the symptoms of the D.O.T. Syndrome to help you get your life back is to reduce your sugar intake and consume nutrient dense food. If you don’t have the time to prepare and consume 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables, you can supplement with Green Vibrance or a healthy green juice which will provide the insurance that you will get the nutrients your body needs.

Green Vibrance is a source of organic fruits and vegetables in a simple powdered form where you simply add water. In less than a minute you can be consuming a drink that can provide the antioxidant value of over five servings of fruits and vegetables.

Now you are not going to want to use Green Vibrance as a substitution to fresh fruits and vegetables but as a supplement to your healthy diet.

Bottom Line:

The New Year = a new opportunity to get healthier, lose those extra pounds, and overcome the holiday hangover. The first step to having more energy, getting active and shedding those few extra pounds? Giving your body the proper nutrition. Really! Keep reading for a quick rundown of some of the best snacks and supplements that can help you boost your energy levels and get ready to shed those pounds.

Why it Matters:

When it comes to getting that energy boost, it’s all about eating the right foods at the right time. Try to plan small meals and incorporate snacks into your daily routine to keep your body fueled and your energy levels high.

  • Eat for energy by consuming foods packed with healthy sources of protein, fats, carbs, and more like blueberries, strawberries, salmon, lean meats, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables.
  • Maintain your energy level upgrade by avoiding processed snacks that are high in sugar.
  • Consider adding daily supplements such as fish oil and/or probiotics which may help to reduce inflammation and improve digestion.

Next Steps:
Try it. Focus on eating those 2-3 small meals per day and aim for a snack every few hours in-between. Adjusting what you eat and when will help you keep your energy up throughout the day, so you can feel better, think better, and be more motivated to stick to those resolutions. If you have questions or just want some help coming up with a plan, you can reach our Chiropractor in Cincinnati, OH at Spine Wellness Cincinnati today.