Herniated Disc Doctor Cincinnati, OH

Herniated Disc Doctor Cincinnati, OH

At Spine Wellness Cincinnati, we know finding a herniated disc doctor in Cincinnati, OH is an important decision. If you or a loved one is suffering from a disc injury, look to the herniated disc doctor Cincinnati, OH trusts for fast non-surgical pain relief.

As a Cincinnati, OH herniated disc doctor, we see hundreds of low back injuries a year. Many times, the low back pain is caused by something traumatic, like a car crash or work injury. If the pain develops into numbness, weakness or shooting pain in the legs, the patient will require more advanced imaging of their injury, like an MRI.

By far, the most common and debilitating cause of low back and sciatic pain comes from a disc herniation. Low back pain and disc herniations are quite complicated and nuanced. Diet, exercise, posture, stress, arthritis, prior injuries, genetics, athletics, and movement patterns all contribute to the health of your low back. Not all cases of low back pain are caused by the same underlying factors. Therefore, not all patients with back pain and disc herniations will respond to the same treatment.

What Treatment Options Will a Herniated Disc Doctor in Cincinnati, OH Provide?

Proper diagnosis and advanced imaging are foundational to recovering from a herniated disc. X-rays and MRI are most common for evaluating the spine and disc injuries. Once the injury has been properly diagnosed, the best Cincinnati, OH herniated disc doctors will offer a blend of therapies and treatments to aid your recovery. Chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, robotic laser therapy, home care stretching, nutritional supplementation, and anti-inflammatory medication will provide relief for the majority of herniated discs. Recovery will not happen overnight and typically takes anywhere from 6-weeks to 6-months of professional care to reach a stable point. Lifestyle and work place modifications may be required to prevent reoccurrence or aggravation of the disc herniation.

Although not necessary in most cases, epidural steroid injections are used for more stubborn disc cases. If you’ve done 6-12 months of non-surgical treatment, medication, and injections and you’re still suffering – you can’t get out of bed and walk to the bathroom without debilitating pain – the last stop is with the spinal surgeon. Surgery should always be the option of last resort as any good herniated disc doctor in Cincinnati, OH will tell you. Fortunately, only 1-2% of people with a herniated disc will require surgical intervention.

Contact a Herniated Disc Doctor Cincinnati, OH Can Rely On If you are suffering with pain and limited mobility due to a disc herniation, you need relief as fast as possible to return to normal life. At Spine Wellness Cincinnati, we believe that disc herniations are best treated without surgical intervention. Each disc injury case is unique, and our medical team recognizes that each patient may have complex questions pertaining to his or her recovery. For more information about our non-surgical approach, or to talk about your case with a herniated disc doctor Cincinnati, OH trusts, contact Spine Wellness Cincinnati today.