Joint Pain Doctor Madeira, OH

Joint Pain Doctor Madeira, OH

When every move you make causes horrific pain, finding a joint pain doctor Madeira, OH trusts can be a daunting task. At Spine Wellness Cincinnati, we understand how joint pain can disrupt your entire life. Our premier Madeira, OH joint pain doctor team specializes in non-surgical joint pain treatment, so you get back to full speed and living pain free as quickly as possible.

Bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, discs, blood vessels, and nerves all connect to the major joints of the body. This increases the complexity of accurate diagnosis and treatment.

To understand why joint pain is so common in our society, we must first understand the design of the major weight bearing joints. Here are 3 basic concepts:

he weight bearing joints (ankles, knees, hips, low back) are designed to be extremely stable and move in a coordinated fashion.

The upper neck and shoulders are designed to be extremely flexible. The majority of neck movement occurs in the top 2 vertebrae. The lower neck is designed to be extremely stable and is not designed to move all that much.

The upper back and torso are also designed to be very stable and not move that much.

Unfortunately, the movement pattern described above is often screwed up by poor posture, stress, and a bad diet. That is to say, the upper neck becomes fixated and the lower neck experiences excessive movement. The upper back becomes stiff and the low back starts to hurt from excessive rotation. This puts strain on the hips and knees and will lead to joint degeneration and arthritis.

This abnormal movement pattern opens the door to muscle tension, headaches, herniated discs, undue spinal wear-and-tear, and ultimately chronic pain.

Recurrent joint pain, like any type of chronic pain, affects more than just your joints and may negatively influence your sleep, your ability to work, your recreational activities, your vision, your heart rate/blood pressure, and even your thoughts and feelings. People with the most severe joint pain are also more likely to have other problems that significantly affect their health.

At Spine Wellness Cincinnati our team of joint pain doctors in Madeira, OH combines the best non-surgical treatment options available to give you optimal results. Using acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, herbal medicine, supplements, essential oils, therapeutic stretches, exercise, medical massage, and robotic class IV laser therapy, out patients achieve superior results with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Contact a Joint Pain Doctor Madeira, OH Can Rely On

If you are suffering with joint pain and limited mobility, you need relief as fast as possible to return to normal life. At Spine Wellness Cincinnati, we believe that joint pain is best treated without surgical intervention. Each joint pain case is unique, and our medical team recognizes that each patient may have complex questions pertaining to his or her recovery. For more information about our non-surgical approach, or to talk about your case with a joint pain doctor Madeira, OH trusts, contact Spine Wellness Cincinnati today.

How Safe Are Chiropractic Adjustments?

A visit to a chiropractor can be intimidating if it’s your first time. The first question that clients generally have regarding an adjustment is whether this practice is safe. As chiropractic care grows in popularity and as patients begin to see the importance of it, those who have never experienced an adjustment may be nervous at first but may be willing to overcome their fear in order to benefit from the experience of a Madeira, Ohio joint pain doctor at Spine and Wellness Cincinnati.

Adjustments generally occur when a trained Madeira, OH joint pain doctor uses hands or an instrument to apply force to the spinal joint. Also known as spinal manipulation, this procedure improves spinal motion and assists in alleviating pain. Naturally, some are skeptical of benefits, so it’s important to answer the question: Are adjustments safe?

What Are the Risks?

Every medical procedure comes with inherent risk. Nothing is one hundred percent effective and everyone undergoes a certain amount of risk. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the procedure isn’t safe, but if you’re considering an adjustment from a Madeira, OH joint pain doctor, you should know the risks first.

Some of the risks include:
  • Herniated disks
  • Compression of nerves
  • A specific, rare stroke

Keep in mind that these risks are rare and do not account for the majority of the cases.

Is It Unsafe?

After reading through the risks, it’s easy to wonder how safe chiropractic adjustment is. The truth is that it’s incredibly safe. The risks and side effects are extremely rare. As long as you visit with a licensed and experienced professional, he or she will know how to perform the adjustment in a way that lowers the risk of side effects and will most likely alleviate your pain, rather than increase it.

What Are the Results?

Chiropractic adjustments are generally safe when performed properly. In addition, their benefits usually far outweigh their risks. A chiropractic adjustment can treat lower back pain, headaches and other joint and spinal conditions. Everyone will undergo different types of treatments for their specific problems.

If you’re visiting a Madeira, OH joint pain doctor for the first time, you’ll no doubt be a little uncertain. This is completely natural. However, chiropractic care is a proven healthcare tactic. The risks are few and rare enough that you shouldn’t generally have to worry about them. The truth is that all medicine comes with some form of risk. No matter what type of doctor you see, there are always some risks. If you could benefit from consulting with a doctor about your chiropractic care options, call a Madeira, OH joint pain doctor today.

What Are Some Tips for Managing Knee Pain?

Are you consumed with knee pain? Finding it difficult to stand? Struggling to kneel down to conduct even the most basic of tasks? Despite the pain, many people may choose to ignore the issue. Have you have struggled with pain for some time? Have recently been injured? Spine Wellness Cincinnati may be able to provide you with a treatment approach that can help you better manage or mitigate the pain you are experiencing. Managing knee pain can have a serious impact on the life you once knew. Here are some tips from our joint pain doctors in Madeira, Ohio. Hopefully,  they may help assist patients who have been suffering from knee pain:


RICE is often the first way of responding to pain experienced by patients. This is especially the case for patients who have experienced minimal injuries. Although this may seem obvious, it can be difficult for patients to slow themselves down enough to take the time to rest and manage their pain. RICE stands for:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Recovery
  • Elevate

For some, RICE can be an effective method to heal and recover from an injury or pain experienced by our patients. Whether or not it will be applicable to you will depend on the opinion of your joint pain doctor in Madeira, Ohio.

Alternate Between Hot and Cold

Sometimes, alternating between hot and cold can help in managing knee pain. Each method provides patients with different benefits. Administering cold to the affected area has the ability to assist in easing and soothing knee pain. Cold therapy has the ability to reduce blood flow and decrease inflammation to the knee. Cold is best to administer in the early hours of an injury. Heat can be administered to help manage pain by promoting relaxation and increasing blood flow. Many joint pain doctors in Madeira, OH will recommend that patients alternate between hot and cold to help with pain management. 

Pain Management

For patients who experience knee pain, one possible solution can include regular use of pain medications. NSAIDS, cortisone shots, and ibuprofen can assist our patients in managing pain symptoms. This can provide you with relief until while we work to properly treat the issue. Although it’s never a good idea to have to manage pain with medication long term, it can be a viable option when suffering with knee pain. Pain medication can help to temporarily provide relief while we help you to work towards your recovery. Talk to your Madeira, OH joint pain doctor about whether NSAIDS are an ideal treatment method. 

Weight Management

Being overweight can result in a number of problems. Appropriately managing your weight can help when it comes to managing issues associated with knee pain. Losing weight can go a long way when it comes to reducing the stress your knee joints may be experiencing. Even losing a minimal amount of weight can go a long way. Speaking with a joint pain doctor in Madeira, OH can help in assisting you with tips and support to when losing weight. 

Knee pain has the ability to impact nearly every aspect of a person’s life. Knowing the most appropriate way to move forward should not be assumed. Obtaining treatment from Spine Wellness Cincinnati can help patients to have a clear picture of their treatment options and possible recovery periods they stand to face. Contact us today so that we can maximize your options and help you approach your treatment in the most comprehensive way possible. For a consultation with a joint pain doctor in Madeira, OH, call  Spine Wellness Cincinnati.

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