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Physiotherapy Cincinnati, OH

Physiotherapy is a form of treatment that encompasses assessments and treatments of patients who have limitations to their functional mobility. Physiotherapists often must go through years of schooling at an accredited institution and then pass a licensing test in order to practice in the state they live in. Physiotherapists are trained to evaluate a patient and then create a plan to help him or her regain a sense of independence.

At Spine and Wellness Cincinnati our physiotherapists can offer hands-on experience and physiotherapy Cincinnati, OH trusts to those who are suffering from physical impairments. Those who are wondering whether they need physiotherapy in Cincinnati, OH, can call 513-428-9355 and speak with a friendly customer service representative for more information.

How to Know if Physiotherapy Can Benefit You

Patients who have an illness or injury that has caused physical challenges, loss of functioning, pain, discomfort or limited movements, may benefit from physiotherapy in Cincinnati, OH. Physiotherapy can aid those of various ages, from children to seniors, or athletes too. A physiotherapist at Spine and Wellness Cincinnati can talk with you about your struggles to establish a treatment plan that suits your needs. Common difficulties that can be treated by physiotherapy in Cincinnati, OH can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Patients recovering from a stroke
  • Patients healing from bone fractures
  • Patients who were part of a tragic accident and sustained a spinal cord injury
  • Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Patients who participate in professional or recreational sports
  • Patients who are adjusting to life since an amputation procedure
  • Patients with mild to severe arthritis

The Role of a Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist does not only work with the patient, but may meet with loved ones and employers so the patient has the support system he or she needs to improve. Physiotherapists may also help patients ward off further injury. For example, if you’re looking for physiotherapy in Cincinnati, OH, a physiotherapist at Spine and Wellness Cincinnati may work with athletes to analyze movements, then offer tips for injury prevention.

Where Physiotherapists Work

Physiotherapists may be required to work in many different settings, depending on their patient’s needs and location. A physiotherapist may be seen working in a hospital setting, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, with athletes, in schools, in the patient’s home, and cardiac rehabilitation centers.

Physiotherapist Evaluations

When first meeting with a physiotherapist at Spine and Wellness Cincinnati he or she will perform an evaluation of your condition and overall health. Your physiotherapist may take measurements to find out more about how your illness or injury has impacted your functioning. Such measurements can include:

  • Strength tests
  • Range of motion
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Joint mobility
  • Pain scale
  • Heart function
  • Neurological function

If you want to know more about how Cincinnati, OH physiotherapy could improve your injury or illness, contact us to book your free consultation with a physiotherapist at Spine and Wellness Cincinnati. We find great reward in seeing patients achieve the health milestones they imagine. We can help you get there, so please call 513-428-9355 today!