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Zymain by Anabolic Laboratories – 40 Tablets


A three part combination supplement consisting of systemic proteolytic enzymes, nutrients and minerals that regulate the inflammation process and support soft tissue repair. Zymain is designed to provide a nutritional foundation to the healing response following trauma, optimizing injury rehabilitation.


Zymain is designed to provide nutrition for healing following trauma and especially to shorten rehabilitation time. This is a combination product formulated to reduce inflammation and support fast tissue repair.

Suggested Usage

As a dietary supplement, take 2 – 8 tablets daily between meals, or as directed by a physician.


Serving Size 2 Tablets

  • Vitamin C (from calcium ascorbate) 200 mg 333%
  • Zinc (from zinc L-monomethionine [L-OptiZincâ„¢]) 20 mg 133%
  • Manganese (from manganese sulfate, manganese gluconate) 4 mg 200%
  • Bromelain 200 mg
  • Papain 100 mg
  • Trypsin 100 mg
  • Chymotrypsin 200 mcg
  • Bioflavonoid Complex 200 mg
  • Beef Cartilage 100 mg
  • Shave Grass (source of silicon) 2 mg

Other Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, methylcellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, enteric coating, calcium stearate, silica.


Persons hypersensitive or allergic to pineapple, turmeric, ginger, boswellia, citrus products or rosemary or the byproducts or extracts of these should not take Pro-Enz.

If pregnant, nursing, or taking other medications, consult healthcare practitioner before using this product.

Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information

Store in a cool, dry place.