Coronavirus Advisory and Chiropractic Emergency Care At Spine and WELLNESS CINCINNATI

Dr. J. Adam Metzger of Spine and Wellness Cincinnati have discussed a plan to provide higher levels of safety and security for patients and staff of Spine and Wellness Cincinnati. On this page, we will discuss symptoms of Coronavirus, current government guidelines for Spine and Wellness Cincinnati, our office policy at this time, precautions and phone consultations with the chiropractors.

The general policy for all CinCINNATI chiropractors

As per the Ohio State Chiropractic Association, Chiropractor can provide care for their patients as per on-going state guidelines. We are seeing patients with back or neck pain, and who are looking for a chiropractor in Cincinnati.

We are coordinating with Ohio State Chiropractic Association about evolving Coronavirus guidelines and regulations. Please review our plan to safely provide appropriate essential care to our patients.

Precautions and protocol at SPINE and WELLNESS CINCINNATI to see patients

We have established safe and convenient protocol at Spine and Wellness Cincinnati to take necessary precautions for the safety of patients and staff.

  • Our patients will be scheduled with gaps in between appointments. We are asking our patients to wait in the car upon arrival. 
  • We will text them when it is their turn to enter our office. We will have someone stationed at the front door to open the door and give them hand sanitizer. 
  • Upon entry to the office, they will go straight back to an adjusting table. We will ask them not to touch anything Except the chiropractic table. As soon as we are done adjusting we will sanitize the table and show them out. They will have minimal contact with other people. They will exit out a separate door not encountering any other patients. 

Note: All higher-risk patients without any urgent medical needs will be canceled until further notice.

Telemedicine and phone consultation with the chiropractors

We are also providing complimentary phone consultations and telemedicine services to our patients.  Visit homepage to book an appointment. You can call us on +1-513-428-9355 or book an appointment on