How Chiropractic Treatment Works


Spinal manipulation is one of the most typically used techniques for treating accident-related back injuries. It is also called chiropractic adjustment. To perform this method, a Cincinnati Chiropractor,  typically uses his hands and sometimes other tools to exert a directed, controlled, and sudden force to spinal joints. Spinal manipulation can either enhance or restore joint function so that you can move that part of your back freely again. Spinal manipulation can relieve both joint inflammation and back pain simultaneously. While spinal manipulation may sound unnerving to some people, it is considered generally safe with little to no side effects. Many people find it preferable to more invasive techniques or medications that come with side effects.



Similar to spinal manipulation, spinal or joint mobilization can restore or improve joint function and alleviate all types of back pain. Unlike manipulation, mobilization requires the chiropractor to employ slow movements which are generally applied on the endpoint of a joint. There are several types of mobilization methods. Your Cincinnati, OH back pain doctor can choose the most appropriate mobilization technique for your specific back injury case.



A back pain doctor in Cincinnati, OH may also combine various approaches for treating auto accident-related back pain. The goal of combining methods is to enhance adjustment or mobilization while offering measures which may provide more comfort to patients. Your chiropractor might integrate different therapies including electrical stimulation, heat and ice, relaxation methods, rehabilitative exercises, and nutrition counseling. Additionally, they might add massage techniques or dry needling for continued joint function recovery. Chiropractic techniques rarely cause discomfort. However, patients can sometimes experience mild sensitivity or soreness following treatment, similar to what is felt after some forms of exercise. Any mild discomfort typically resolves within 12 to 48 hours. Compared to other commonly used treatments for pain, such as over-the-counter and prescription pain medications, chiropractic offers a more conservative and safe approach, while still being an effective option.