Joints are Composed of Fibrous Connective Tissues

Joints are Composed of Fibrous Connective Tissues


Joints are composed of fibrous connective tissues. Tendons and ligaments are present at the joining of the joints. When there is a torn or stress on the tendons or the ligaments, then there occurs stiffness on the joints.

Stiffness can occur for various reason some of them are overweight or obesity, arthritis, bursitis etc.

Obesity is the condition when your body weight is more than its normal BMR. Obesity or overweight can lead to unnecessary wear or tear on your body. When weight is more than its normal weight, then more stress is put on the spine and the joints. The weight is distributed eventually which then causes tear or stiffness of the joints. The weight of the body is not distributed uniformly throughout the body since fat gets accumulated when the weight us more than its normal level. When the joints get stiff then it can not be moved smoothly and pain is felt. Obesity can also cause osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Mainly, the lower part of the body such as knee joints are mostly affected due to obesity and stiffness occurs. Treatment is required for this. One of the non-surgical treatment is chiropractic treatment. Much difficulty is faced due to this.

Arthritis can be another reason for the stiffness of the joint. The stiffness of the joints can occur when there is an inflammation in the synovium, the lining of the joints. The abnormal synovial lining is the cause of many kinds of arthritis. The only physical expression is the joint stiffness but with that frequent pain, redness may also follow. Arthritis causes the inflammatory joint fluid get collected or enclose around the joints which causes swelling later on. The inflamed muscle causes stiffness of the joints mainly in the morning. Stiffness can mainly be seen at the knee joints, finger joints, ankle etc. Blood test, X-ray or ultrasonography can be used for examining arthritis. Exercise plays a major role for treating arthritis which increases the strength and flexibility, reduces pain and inflammation. Sometimes, from arthritis the heart and the brain is also affected. Chiropractic treatment may be said as a form of exercise since it is non-surgical, which plays a great role in treating joint stiffness.

Bursitis causes joint stiffness. This causes inflammation, tenderness, swelling, redness or pain near the joint mainly around the tendon, ligaments, bursae, muscles etc. which is then converted into joint stiffness. The pain or the stiffness is mainly felt after doing any work. It becomes worse, if someone lifts any heavy thing. The condition is worse during morning. The joints become stiff and if the pressure is exerted, there is a possibility of sprain or fracture. The flexibility of the joints are reduced to a great extent due to this. Exercise is required for treating this like it is required for other forms of treatment.

Beside these, there are many other reasons for joint stiffness. Proper treatment with a rotator cuff doctor Mesa, AZ relies on is required for combating this joint stiffness or else severe problem in the joints will occur. Joint stiffness is the main reason for facing problem during movement. So proper treatment is required.