Natural Care For Your Baby: A Holistic Guide For Parents

Natural Care For Your Baby: A Holistic Guide For Parents


Let’s face it; whether you’re a first time parent or a seasoned pro raising an entire baseball team, caring for your baby is a daunting task. Parenting has been targeted by advertisers, bombarded by personal opinions, and taken over by conventional medical protocol. From crunchy momma’s, to the buggy bunch, to stay at home dads, to the working mother’s of the world, we all want what’s best for our baby. We all want healthy, happy children. Natural Care For Your Baby: A Holistic Guide For Parents seeks to introduce you to a conservative and proven approach to parenting that is grounded in modern science and has withstood the test of time.


Babies need routine medical check-ups to ensure proper development and identify any underlying medical problems. Every two to three months in the first year, then less frequently as children grow, these routine check-ups can be preformed by a pediatrician, family doctor, chiropractic doctor, osteopathic doctor, naturopathic doctor, doctor of oriental medicine, or any other appropriately trained medical professional. Height, weight, length, head, heart, lungs, eyes, ears, hips, spine, arms, legs, and certain blood tests are routine procedures during your baby’s first year of life. Routine well visits typically do not involve invasive procedures and pose no risk to children. From birth and two months of age, however, well-baby checks at the pediatrician’s office are now accompanied by a combination of vaccines. Be prepared with your questions and concerns about vaccines. If you don’t feel comfortable with vaccines, talk to your doctor. Consider postponing vaccines until your child has reached twelve months of age when the immune system and nervous system are somewhat more developed and less susceptible to the potential toxic effects of vaccines. The National Vaccine Information Center and Dr. Mercola are great resources for parents seeking evidence-based information on vaccines. While the breadth and depth of the vaccination topic is far too vast and contentious to cover here, do your research and reach an informed decision.


Your child will get sick within the first three years of life. This is part of growing up and developing a healthy immune system. Be it a high fever, runny nose, cough, congestion, earache, eczema, asthma, or allergy, your pediatrician has a pill for every ill. Conventional drugs, however, have side effects that interfere with the natural healing processes and inhibit long-term natural immunity to infection. While rare, the chemicals in drugs or vaccines can cause cellular and tissue damage that can be irreversible. Because of the risks and side effects, pharmaceutical medication should be used as a last resort, not the first line of defense. With most pediatric symptoms you can take a watchful, waiting attitude for 1-4 weeks while you pursue natural methods of care that do not involve medication. Find a pediatrician who respects your desire to pursue the most conservative and natural forms of treatment, and utilize them for information. Obtain a diagnosis, take the prescription for antibiotics with you, but use it only if it becomes necessary. As a general rule of thumb, most bacterial and viral infections will resolve without medication within 5-14 days. This time can be miserable for both baby and parents. To shorten infections in children, diffuse 


Holistic care for your baby strengthens the immune system by working with the body to overcome sickness. Natural healthcare fosters wellness in the body by supporting the innate healing potential we all posses. Treatment typically includes a blend of food restriction, vitamins, supplements, essential oils, homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture, and chiropractic. These treatments have very few to no side effects and stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms to overcome illness. Allergies, asthma, eczema, recurrent respiratory or ear infections, and behavior or attention problems are the most common reasons to consult a natural medicine practitioner. Finding a natural healthcare doctor that treats infants and children can be difficult. Make sure your practitioner of natural medicine is comfortable treating children’s health problems. Accurate diagnosis is vital to effective natural treatment and may involve specialized tests or procedures that are foreign to your pediatrician. If your natural medicine practitioner is properly trained and specializes in this field, remain vigilant and confident that serious symptoms are not being neglected. In some instances, you may need to balance natural treatment with more conventional methods. Managing the interactions of natural treatment with medication requires great skill and professional cooperation. While it can be difficult to balance the recommendations of different providers, an integrative approach often yields rapid healing with minimal risk of side effect. Look to build a team of providers open to your opinions and willing to cooperate for the best interest of your child.


A natural lifestyle is the best way for parents to ensure optimum health in their children. Start with two fundamental principles: breastfeed for 12-24 months and avoid toxic chemicals. Breastfeeding supports a healthy immune system and provides many benefits for baby and mom alike. Minimize the risk of illness and disease by avoiding toxic chemicals that breakdown immune function. Create a strong and resilient child by feeding them the highest quality organic food and limiting their exposure to pesticides. Skip packaged foods that contain partially hydrogenated fats, nitrates, corn syrup, preservatives, additives and artificial colors. Keep away from harsh cleaning products, insecticides, cigarette smoke, and aerosol sprays and use only natural soaps, shampoos, and laundry detergents. Ensure plenty of exercise and time outdoors for your children to maintain a healthy weight. A holistic lifestyle may not guarantee perfect health, but it will create resilience, natural immunity, healthy growth, and optimum well-being for your children. Seek the care of a natural healthcare doctor that will care for your children in the best way possible.



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